What we do

Key Priorities

Along with actively contributing to the body of knowledge surrounding citizenship, participation and democracy, CORD also focuses on the intersections between research and policy-making. Specifically, CORD aims to achieve:

1. The generation of new knowledge across contexts

2. The dissemination of new knowledge widely to decision-makers and practitioners

3. A deepened capacity of Southern partners to carry out high quality research, communication and policy engagement

4. The fostering of dynamic engagement between researchers, practitioners and policy-makers

Network Activities

Since CORD’s inception in 2011, the collaboration has organized two international workshops for all CORD members, including a Toronto Workshop in May 2012 as well as a Workshop in Delhi in December 2012. Along with these large international workshops, CORD has also hosted several online E-conferences, with varying degrees of success. With members from all over the world, and with varying internet capacities, it is both exciting and challenging to collaborate across long distances. As such, CORD is consistently seeking to answer the following questions:

1. How does a global network maintain a high degree of participatory collaboration? and

2. How do we maintain intensity and enthusiasm amongst our members?

With our new website, funded by the International Development Research Centre, we are thrilled to have a virtual platform that allows for collaboration on network projects, despite geographical distances.

Please browse the links below for more information about CORD’s global conferences.